Robert Wilson’s work is known for its dynamic mixing of different cultural genres and registers. For these Video Portraits music becomes an integral part of the piece rather than merely an auditory illustration of a visual theme. Therefore each portrait is driven by its own soundscore that either draws from eclectic source music or is originally composed by some of the most important musicians of our time. Running the gamut from field recordings to video game scores, from classical to blues to rock to punk the video portraits contain a lesson in the contemporary approach of appropriating from the entire history of sound recordings. In installation these combinations in the same or adjacent spaces create a virtual overlay mix and point the way forward into music’s future.

Ales Brezina – Slapstick Hotdogs
Arvo Pärt – Spiegel im Spiegel
Bernard Herrmann – Carlotta’s Portrait, Solar Diamonds
Big Black – Cables
Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball
Carl Maria von Weber – Der Freischütz
Christopher Knowles – Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie
David Byrne – Winter
Ethel Merman – I'll Pay the Check
Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations (Multiple)
Grant Kirkhope – Banjo Kazooie
Henri Ren̩ & His Orchestra РHansel & Pretzel
Hans Peter Kuhn -  Memory Loss, Die Argonauten, Mr. Bojangles Memory
Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller – Is That All There Is
Johann Sebastian Bach – Goldberg Variations (Multiple)
Jules Massenet – Meditation Religieuse Symphonie
Koosil-ja – Like Us
Lucinda Childs – I Was Sitting On My Patio This Guy Appeared I Thought I Was Hallucinating
Ludwig van Beethoven – Opus 135 III
Lou Reed – Vanishing Act
Marianne Faithfull – There is a Ghost
Michael Galasso – Doo Wop Vocoder, Mermaid, Mindweaver, Quartet #1, Dream Music,     cont. Calypso Lite, Fake Mozart, Bombs, Disco Mix
Mogwai – Untitled from Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
Nick Cave – There is a Ghost
Nina Rota – Otto e Mezzo
Peter Cerone – Never Doubt I Love, Desert
Stefano Scarani – Desert
Philadelphia Orchestra – Swan Lake (Multiple)
Popul Vuh – Aguirre II
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake (Multiple)
Raymond Scott – Sprite: Melonball Bounce, Lady Gaylord, IBM Probe, Backwards Overload, Ripples
Richard Wagner – Open Region on the Mountain Peaks
RJD2 – The Horror
Robert Wilson – A B, Symptoms, Child’s Noise, Mary Said What She Said, Hamletmachine
Tom Waits – The Ocean Doesn't Want Me
Vincenzo Bellini – Casta Diva
William Pope.L – Marry Had a Little Lamb
Xaver Naudascher – Child’s Tune