Dissident is a cultural content company that converges at the intersecting realms of visual arts, film, music, fashion  sport, emerging technology, and international event installation.  We believe that in order to truly understand contemporary culture, one must have a deep, working knowledge of each of these fundamental spheres––not just as individual, distinct disciplines, but collectively as inter-dependent, hybrid forms.

By taking a developed fluency in short-form media, such as commercials, music videos + photography, and combining it with substantial experience in the long-form visual arts of feature film, theater, and performance, we are able to comprehend both the ‘how's' and the ‘why's' of a constantly evolving creative terrain.  This allows Dissident to have not only the competency to create and translate the new and existing hybrids that define current youth culture, but also the proficiency to extend and apply that knowledge towards innovative advancements in the broader popular culture as well.

Creative Domain
Dissident's collective experience ranges from producing, directing, editing, financing, and consulting for projects that run the gamut of the cultural landscape. Feature films such as Beautiful Losers, Kurt Cobain About A Son, and Favela Rising all documented precise watershed moments in the aesthetic advancement of the visual arts, music history and cultural education––picking up many prominent awards along the way. Having cut our teeth founding a seminal punk rock club along with underground radio + video programs, Dissident now applies that same sensibility and approach to creating youth-culture oriented print and video campaigns for the some of the world's most iconic brands.

Collaboration is the very heart of our creative engine. From realizing the vision of avant-garde giant Robert Wilson in creating video portraits with Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn + others, to providing a high definition platform for video artist Tony Oursler to develop his work with Japanther, to producing the musical marriage of Steve Fisk + Benjamin Gibbard, Dissident ensures that the collaborative output is always greater than the sum of its independent parts. This truism is replicated across the spectrum of form and media as witnessed in our engagements with visual artist and thinker Dan Graham, puppet master Phillip Huber of Being John Malkovich fame, pop star Lady Gaga and the estate of Bruce Conner.

The media Dissident produces relates seamlessly across multiple platforms. Our content has been displayed and deemed equally at home in the world's most prestigious art museums, opera houses and film theatres, as it has in street-culture ‘zines, fashion glossies, television broadcasts, online portals and retail environments. We have designed and executed media installations both indoor and outdoor throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

What empowers this ability to adapt our work through various contexts and channels is a core commitment to pushing the boundaries of existing technology. We work extremely closely with experts and firms to innovate and streamline every element in the process of creating High Definition visual media: from capturing the initial image, to processing, editing, playback and ultimate display. We even have devised our own proprietary technology to offer better true-HD playback than anything else commercially available. There is not an avenue that Dissident will not pursue to ensure their client's project is truly unique from concept to completion.

Accolades for our work encompass winning over 50 feature film awards, including the International Documentary Association "Best Feature," and the Motion Picture Academy Official Short-List for the "Best Documentary" Oscar. Our content has been exhibited in the Whitney Biennial, displayed at Olympic events, and profiled on the cover of Vanity Fair. Partners on our projects comprise the world's leading technology companies, television networks including HBO, PBS, IFC + Sundance, global brands such as Panasonic, Nike + others, as well as the United Nations, several international governments + cultural agencies.

Dissident is constantly striving to construct our next project from the most contemporary of forms, guaranteeing that it will reach its audience distinctly, and more directly. Maintaining our autonomy with a nimble scale and approach, Dissident looks to collaborate on projects that are culturally relevant and will enhance the broader aesthetic. Whenever one encounters our work they are quickly experienced as something extremely novel and fresh, yet simultaneously recognized and internally felt to represent the very soul of our cultural world.

This space is unmistakably Dissident's territory, the place we live.