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DTAOT: COMBINE (DON'T TRUST ANYONE OVER THIRTY, ALL OVER AGAIN) is a fusion of documentation and video by artist Tony Oursler. DTAOT: COMBINE does not follow the linear nature of the live performance, but presents a new vision by employing two overlapping High Definition projectors creating a collage of images and the resultant hybrids that form a new stand alone video work.

DTAOT is a narrative comprised by the overlapping of video media, puppet theater, opera, and musical scores, the combination of which produces a collage hybrid of all its component forms. Continually splicing the disparate media of opera and rock, the theatrical proscenium and the television screen, the 1960s and the 2000s, live actors and puppets, the living experience and the installation, DTAOT deliberately separates each component's visual and dramatic elements from one another. DTAOT thus underlines how narrative components can not only overlap but also make the objects and subjects of time and culture interchangeable within both the visual arts and the audience.

DTAOT  was directed by Dan Graham and Tony Oursler. The recorded songs were written and performed by Rodney Graham. The live music was written and performed by the band Japanther. Phillip Huber, the master puppeteer of Being John Malkovich, designed and constructed the marionettes. Installation design by Laurent Berger, prop design by Eugene Tsai, costumes by Carlos Soto, and lighting by Urs Schoenebaum.