Before MTV and Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” there was Bruce Conner. A kaleidoscopic draftsman and assemblage artist associated with the Beats in San Francisco, Conner was the first to edit film to popular music in an ecstatic collage of atomic Americana. It was sexual, rebellious, and overwhelming. With subsequent films set to music by punk and new wave artists, his formal innovations—frenetic high-speed editing, recycled found footage, and physical exertion on the film itself—would come to define the modern music video.

Produced in conjunction with MOCAtv and the Conner Family Trust, the series explores Conner's films which are set to the music of Ray Charles, Tony Basil, Devo, and Brian Eno & David Byrne. The multipart series features interviews and commentary with Toni Basil, Gerard Casale, Dennis Hopper, David James, Bruce Jenkins, Michael Kohn, and Michelle Silva.