Harmony Korine2

Harmony Korine is an artist, writer and filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. Perhaps best known as the “19 year-old screenwriter of Larry Clark’s Kids,” Harmony’s career began on an auspicious note when he met Clark while he was skateboarding in a New York City park. He had written a screenplay and wondered if Clark would look at it. Six months later the film was in production and a hefty writer’s fee was showered upon Harmony. The film went on to become one of the most criticized and controversial films of the 1990’s. After Kids, Harmony went into production on his first venture as a commercial director. The resulting film was Gummo, a sordid and disturbingly comical tale of white trash in America. In 1999, Harmony joined forces with director Lars Von Trier, becoming a member of the seminal film collective known as “Dogme 95.” His third film, Julien Donkey Boy, was created in the Dogme style, employing only lo-fi production techniques. As a visual artist, Harmony has exhibited his works in exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles and has a long-standing patronship with Paris based fashion designer and art collector, Agnes B. Korine recently premiered his fourth film Mister Lonely, starring Samantha Morton, Diego Luna and Werner Herzog, at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.