Chris Johanson2

San Francisco based artist Chris Johanson transforms the fleeting and commonplace activities of the modern American city into very affecting stories, beautifully frozen in time for us to observe. Johanson has been creating these images since he was a teenager, often using found objects such as old wood and disused paper as canvases to convey a sense of decay and isolation. Johanson’s installations consist of paintings, constructions and works on paper arranged in a carefully planned, yet seemingly haphazard three-dimensional maze. Most recently, he has chosen to forego the physical domain for the psychological, delving into another dimension of the American landscape. He comments on the age of consumerism, as well as modern psychological phenomenon such as self-help, psychotherapy, new age and 12-step support groups. He creates a world where nude dancers, good vibes, emotionally centered people, forest energy and rainbows abut a sinister comic edge. Johanson has exhibited his works internationally and received the 2002 SECA Award, given by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He exhibits his works at Deitch Projects in New York and was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial.